Truth or Dare is a powerful and riveting collection that will have you turning the pages until you’ve devoured every last word.’ — Awais Khan, author of No Honour

‘a memorable short fiction debut.’ — Steven J. Fowler, author of The Guide to Being Bear Aware

‘Effortlessly switching between London and Dhaka, Nadia Kabir Barb’s humanity shines through in this tender and diverse collection.’ — Bee Rowlatt, author of In Search of Mary: The Mother of all Journeys

‘Kabir Barb effortlessly takes us into the heads of her characters and demonstrates a mastery of the short story form. Themes of identity, memory and growth resonate in all the stories, and each is delicately and deftly plotted.’ — Catherine Menon, author of Fragile Monsters

‘Short fiction has a new torchbearer in Nadia Kabir Barb and this remarkable debut is just the beginning, I hope.’ — Nadeem Zaman, author of The Inheritors

’Nadia Kabir Barb writes with compassion and imagination about her characters, who are varied and richly drawn.’ — Sharbari Z. Ahmed, author of Dust Under Her Feet

‘Nadia’s felicity with the written word makes this collection of short stories a wonderful read on a cold winter’s night tucked in with a blanket in front of a roaring fire. And don’t we have enough of those nights in Britain?’ — Selma Carvalho, author of Sisterhood of Swans

‘This collection of short stories is an important addition to the canon of British South Asian writing.’ — Reshma Ruia author of Still Lives

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‘The writer’s wonderfully crafted language and commendable flair make the characters’ emotions, their dreams, their fears, their disappointments, etc., recognisable and easy to empathise with. The plots are refreshingly different. The soul-stirring narrations as one engaging story follows another makes Truth or Dare a very worthwhile read. As we finish reading each story, we feel that we understand a little more about human nature, even though we experience a sense of loss at the same time.’

— The Asian Age

‘The book delves into these complex human connections in each story. The stories that Nadia tell do not flow only toward a fulfilling ending that we call “happy ending” but they stray and deviate more often than not and make us confront issues that we prefer not to bring up in conversations. Truth or Dare is a good read that should enjoy a wide readership.’

– Dhaka Tribune

‘In stories such as “The Enlightenment of Rahim Baksh” and “My Father’s Daughter,” the author shows her expertise in writing minute scenes encompassing entire lives and characteristics of these individuals populating her world.’

– The Daily Star

‘Another personal favourite is “The Connoisseur” by Nadia Kabir Barb a British Bangladeshi writer and journalist…’ ‘Barb’s narrative in this collection is set at a dinner table of a wedding event somewhere in the chaos of Dhaka city. What starts out as a relatable, awkward meal shared by strangers at a wedding table, quickly becomes layered with mystery. The protagonist and his unique relationship to biryani unfolds against a vivid setting, until you leave having made an acquaintance of a very different person than the one you had expected.’ Review of Tongues and Bellies

– Ishrat Jahan, The Daily Star